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Ion sputter erosion in metallic glass-A response to "Comment on: Homogeneity of Zr(64.13)Cu(15.75)Ni(10.12)Al(10) bulk metallic glass" by L-Y. Chen, Y-W. Zeng, Q-P. Cao, B-J. Park, Y-M. Chen, K. Hono, U. Vainio, Z-L. Zhang, U. Kaiser, X-D. Wang, and J-Z Jiang J. Mater. Res. 24, 3116 (2009)

Journal of Materials Research

The morphology of the dark and bright regions observed by transmission electron microscopy for the Zr(64.13)Cu(15.75)Ni(10.12)Al(10) bulk metallic glass strongly depends on the ion beam parameters used for ion milling. This indicates that the ion beam could introduce surface fluctuation to metallic glasses during ion milling.

关键词: room-temperature


员江娟 , 陈铮 , 李尚洁


双模晶体相场模型是研究复杂晶体结构相变的重要方法.分别介绍了Kuo-An Wu和Greenwood提出的两种双模晶体相场模型,简述了两种模型各自的构造特点:Kuo-An Wu通过在模型中多引入一族倒易矢量来描述复杂晶体结构,Greenwood则通过在自由能函数中引入多峰和构造两点直接相关函数来完成,两者都在模拟三角结构相向正方结构相的转变中得到了广泛应用;进一步指出了Kuo-An Wu模型相转变的影响因素及高斯峰对Green-wood模型相图的影响;最后指明了晶体相场在相变模拟研究中的发展方向.

关键词: 晶体相场模型 , 双模 , 相图 , 相变

Response to the Comment on 'Conjectures on exact solution of three-dimensional (3D) simple orthorhombic Ising lattices'

Philosophical Magazine

The error of Equation (15b) in my article [Z.D. Zhang, Phil. Mag. 87 (2007) p.5309] in the application of the Jordan-Wigner transformation does not affect the validity of the putative exact solution, since the solution is not derived directly from that equation. Other objections of Perk's comment [J.H.H. Perk, Phil. Mag. 89 (2009) p.761] are the same as those in Wu et al.'s comments [F.Y. Wu et al., Phil. Mag. 88 (2008) p.3093; p.3103], which do not stand on solid ground and which I have sought to refute in my previous response [Z.D. Zhang, Phil. Mag. 88 (2008) p.3097]. The conjectured solution can be utilized to understand critical phenomena in various systems, whereas the conjectures are open to rigorous proof.

关键词: 3D Ising model;exact solution;conjecture;critical phenomena;ferromagnetism;magnetic phase transition;model;analyticity


王广海 , 张跃 , 张凡伟 , 刘春俊 , 张大海 , 李仲平



关键词: 三维编织复合材料 , 强度 , Tsai-Wu准则





关键词: 密度泛函理论 , 弹性系数 , 热膨胀系数 , 热容 , 二氧化铈


孙慕瑾 , 笪有仙

玻璃钢/复合材料 doi:10.3969/j.issn.1003-0999.2004.05.002


关键词: 临界表面张力 , 固体表面能 , 玻璃转变温度(Tg)



N。1Atmospheric Corrosivlty for Steels………………………………………………… .LIANG Caideng HO[I i。-tat(6)Caustic Stress Corrosion Cr。king of Alloy 800 Part 2.The Effect of Thiosul执e……………………………………… KONG De-sheng YANG Wu ZHAO Guo-zheng HUANG De.ltL。ZHANG Yu。。he CHEN She。g-bac(13)SERS slid E16CttOCh6iniC81 Stlldy Of Illhibit1Oli M6ch&tllsth Of ThlollY68 Oil ITOll ID H....



杜宇 , 杨涛 , 李志猛 , 戴维蓉


介绍了一种纤维曲线铺放的变刚度复合材料层合板有限元建模方法.按照曲线铺放规律定义每一个单元的实常数,并对这种纤维曲线铺放层合板进行建模.在此基础上讨论了在弯曲和压缩失效两种不同边界条件下,采用Tsai-Wu失效准则,对其进行失效分析,验证其面内受力情况,计算最大的Tsai-Wu强度比倒数1/R.当1/R =1时,所施加的载荷为失效的临界载荷.对比两组纤维直线和纤维曲线的铺层算例,弯曲失效条件下临界失效载荷提高16%和21%,压缩失效条件下临界失效载荷提高51%和19%.纤维曲线铺放层合板有效提高了失效性能.

关键词: 纤维曲线铺放 , 变刚度复合材料 , 1/R , 失效载荷


刘守平 , 周上祺 , 王佳眉 , 任勤


用金相显微镜、扫描电镜、X射线衍射仪和X射线能谱仪对天然气井油管悬挂器腐蚀失效进行了检测分析,并对天然气井油管悬挂器用35CrMo钢进行了盐雾试验,结果表明,天然气中的水和CO2是引起腐蚀的主要介质,腐蚀产物主要是FeCO3,高速天然气冲刷和钢中的非金属夹杂加剧了腐蚀的速度. CORROSION FAILURE ANALYSIS OF AN OIL TUBE USED IN NATURAL GAS WELL LIU Shou-ping,ZHOU Shang-qi,WANG Jia-mei,REN Qin Chongqing University A failed oil tube used in natural gas well was examined by optical microscope,scanning electron microscope ,X-ray diffractometer and X-ray spectrometer.Corrosion behavior of 35CrMo steel samples of the oil tube were investigated by means of salt spray tests in the laboratory.The results show that CO2 and H2O are primary factors in the corrosion of oil tube.The corrosion product is FeCO3,non-metallic inclusions in the steel and erosion of natural gas fluid played an important role in accelerating the corrosion. oil tube; natural gas well; 35CrMo steel; failure analysis; corrosion

关键词: 悬挂器 , null , null , null

Response to 'Comment on a recent conjectured solution of the three-dimensional Ising model'

Philosophical Magazine

This is a Response to a recent Comment [F.Y. Wu, B.M. McCoy, M.E. Fisher et al., Phil. Mag. 88 (2008)] on the conjectured solution of the three-dimensional (3D) Ising model [Z.D. Zhang, Phil. Mag. 87 5309 (2007)]. Several points are made: (1) Conjecture 1, regarding the additional rotation, is understood as performing a transformation for smoothing all the crossings of the knots. (2) The weight factors in Conjecture 2 are interpreted as a novel topologic phase. (3) The conjectured solution and its low- and high-temperature expansions are supported by the mathematical theorems for the analytical behavior of the Ising model. The physics behind the extra dimension is also discussed briefly.

关键词: critical temperatures;lattices;analyticity;bounds

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